How to Forecast SEO Performance with a Simple Google Sheet [Template]

✔️ How to forecast SEO performance (and price your services accurately)

👉 I use this template in all my proposals and it helps winning clients ❗️

The concept is very simple and is based on CTR (Click Through Rate) from a study conducted by Advanced Web Ranking.

It’s a very simple concept:

▶️ Ranking in position 1 gives you X% amount of traffic
▶️ Ranking in position 2 gives you Y% amount of traffic
▶️ Ranking in position 3 gives you Z% amount of traffic

✅ Don’t worry, the accurate figures are all included within the template and you don’t need to do any additional work.

Here’s how the tool works:
[CTR’s * search volume & rank] 👉 # of Extra monthly sales 👉 Multiply by average product price 👉 Additional monthly SEO revenue ✔️

I suggest you actually make a copy of the tool and start playing with it [link below]. Please feel free to use it yourself and start winning more clients! ✌️

>>> Click Here for the Template <<<

>>> Click Here for the Template <<<

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