Nico Bortoluzzi – Founder @ SEO LYNX LTD

Hey! 👋

My name is Nicholas, but people call me either Nico or Nic.

I moved to the UK when I was 23 (from the Prosecco DOC hills above Venice).

I couldn’t speak much English, I lived in questionable areas of London and worked minimum wage jobs, 12+ hour shifts until the age of 25.

I ALWAYS felt overworked, burnt out, slightly depressed and miserable on the daily.

When I had some free time, to be brutally honest, I would need it to sleep and rest as much as possible.

I hopelessly started looking into and learning SEO. I used this knowledge to build a small affiliate website about dehumidifiers – still a little sad I didn’t renew the domain after expiration two years later – but that site helped me building some solid case studies, rankings and eventually landing my first proper marketing job in Hong Kong.

The company I worked for at the time gave me the chance to get a lot of exposure to the many sides of marketing a business. I decided to deepen my SEO expertise: worked in Asia for about 1.5 years in total and then decided to return to the UK.

Everything at this point changed.

The progression has been steady, I got swiftly promoted many times across multiple teams and agencies until I eventually decided to go full Freelance SEO in September 2019.

A lot of stuff happened, from owning a company throughout a pandemic, winning (and losing) clients, many headaches (also some nice days), but one thing for sure…

I never looked back since. ✌️

Nico Bortoluzzi is the founder of SEO LYNX, a London-based SEO agency focused on technical SEO, on-page SEO and multilingual content creation. Nico worked with clients of all sizes, from local shops & start-ups to multinational corporations across all continents. Visit to find out more.