An Independent Keyword Profiler Review

kw profiler review

Towards the end of 2023, I stumbled upon Keyword Profiler, a new keyword tool brought to life by my fellow countryman, Luca Tagliaferro. This tool’s primary objective is to collect, organise, and present data from PAA questions (Known as People Also Asked), thereby enabling users to develop more informed and effective content strategies.

As an SEO consultant, I’m always on the lookout for tools that can streamline my keyword research and provide actionable insights. That’s why I was eager to test out Keyword Profiler and see if it lived up to its promises.

I used to love PAA Clustering with SEO Minion in the past, but found myself moving away from it once it became a paid tool around the Summer of 2023.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Keyword Profiler and its functionalities through the lens of my personal experience.

Keyword Profiler: Core Tool Functionality

At its heart, Keyword Profiler serves as a data aggregator and analyser. It scours Google search results to extract PAA questions, which can be leveraged in understanding search intent. The tool gathers these questions and also organises them in a manner that is accessible and easily actionable.

After using the tool on a few client projects and personal sites, I have to say I’m very impressed. The overall interface is clean and intuitive, making it easy for me to start exploring PAA data within minutes. 

Observation: As soon as I gained access to my account, I had some initial issues with my credits (they didn’t appear), but after a quick message and a couple of screenshots, the matter was resolved pretty swiftly.

One thing I appreciated, however, is how I can easily filter by location – being able to analyse search interest and results globally is a huge advantage, as it allows me to segment queries by country.

Unique Selling Points

  • Live Data and Topic Mapping: Unlike many other tools, Keyword Profiler provides live updates of PAA data. This feature ensures that the information is current, reflecting the latest trends and user queries. Additionally, the tool maps connections between related topics, offering a holistic view of the subject matter.
  • Global and Multilingual Reach: A standout feature of Keyword Profiler is its ability to fetch data from every country where Google operates. This global reach, coupled with multilingual support, makes it an invaluable asset for international SEO campaigns.
  • Keyword Clustering: Perhaps the most distinctive feature is its keyword clustering capability. By focusing on semantic similarities rather than mere keyword variations, the tool aids in creating more cohesive and targeted content strategies. This approach also helps in avoiding keyword cannibalisation.

The keyword clustering feature has become one of my favourites. It automatically groups related keywords and topics, saving me so much time compared to manually sorting keywords and shuffling excel sheets. 

Generating visual maps of connected keyword clusters is a nice touch that immediately grabs my clients’ attention during presentations. They can easily understand the relationships and drill down into the details.

Having access to live PAA data is a big differentiator too. I don’t have to wonder if the tool is relying on outdated information. I’m confident I’m getting a true pulse of current user search behaviour.

Account Options and Accessibility

Keyword Profiler offers both free and paid account options. The free account, while limited in terms of the number of searches, provides a glimpse into the tool’s capabilities. This limitation is understandable as it aims to prevent abuse and maintain the quality of service. Upgrading to a paid account unlocks more robust features, such as a higher search limit and data export options.

User Experience and Interface

The user interface of Keyword Profiler deserves special mention. It is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing even those new to SEO to navigate and utilise the tool effectively. The visual representation of data, especially in the PAA Tree, facilitates a quicker understanding of complex data sets.

Practical Application and Results

In practice, Keyword Profiler proves to be a powerful ally in content strategy development. By leveraging the insights gained from PAA questions, I have been able to devise content plans that on average have a higher likelihood of ranking well in search results.

Keyword Profiler Alternatives for PAA Scraping

  • AlsoAsked: AlsoAsked is a tool that analyses and displays “People Also Ask” data from Google searches, and visually maps question relationships and allows data export for effective content planning.
  • KeywordsPeopleUse: This tool includes a feature for “People Also Ask”, giving insights into questions related to specific search terms​​.
  • Frase: While primarily an AI-powered tool for identifying audience questions, it also offers functionalities related to People Also Asked queries as part of its content streamlining capabilities​​.
  • This tool extracts the most commonly asked questions from Google’s ‘People Also Ask’ box, enabling content optimization based on these queries​​.
  • Twaino: It extracts data from Google’s “Other questions asked” section, which is similar to the People Also Asked feature, and presents this data in various formats like trees or silos​​.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Keyword Profiler stands out as a highly effective tool for anyone serious about SEO and content strategy. Its unique features, such as live PAA data, global reach, and keyword clustering, offer a competitive edge. While the free version serves as a good starting point, the full capabilities of the tool are best experienced through a paid account.

Overall, Keyword Profiler has become an important part of my SEO workflow, especially when generating topical maps for new clients and websites. The time savings and insights I get from using it are invaluable. I’m able to deliver higher-quality recommendations and analyses to my clients much more efficiently. I’d highly recommend fellow SEO consultants try out Keyword Profiler – the capabilities are really unmatched.

Hi, I’m Nicholas Bortoluzzi (but people often call me Nico).

I am the Founder and Director at SEO Lynx, an internet marketing agency operating in the UK and servicing clients worldwide.

The article on this page was written and curated by myself.