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I know, SEO is a gargantuan beast, with many elements moving at the same time, and a lot of different aspects to consider: some may say it’s a little overwhelming.

As a way for myself to give back to the SEO community, I am sharing some of my SEO knowledge, tools and templates for free on this page. I really hope this can help you in getting a little closer to your SEO goals and objectives. Please feel free to share this page with your colleagues, peers or friends. If you have any doubts or questions, you can always reach out to me directly on LinkedIn.

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FREE SEO Tool List by Nico Bortoluzzi ⬇️

  • Plan & Manage SEO Deliverables (Spreadsheet) -> [click here]
  • The ultimate cold email to win SEO clients (G-Doc Template) -> [click here]
  • How to forecast and determine price/value of SEO (Spreadsheet) -> [click here]
  • Fool-proof content brief for optimised articles (Template in Article) -> [click here]
  • How many words do you need to beat your competitors? (Case Study) -> [click here]
  • How to get high authority backlinks without doing any outreach (Case Study) -> [click here]
  • How to find your first SEO client: a step-by-step process (Template in Article) -> [click here]
  • Is Alt Text good for SEO? [+100,000 clicks = YES] (Case Study) -> [click here]
  • The 101 guide on content pruning for SEO (Template in Article) -> [click here]


  • See how Google categorises your site & your competitors. (Template in Article) -> [click here]